Friday 22 October 2021

Caroline Walker: Windows @KM21, The Hague, Review


 My review of Caroline Walker: Windows at KM21, The Hague, now up on MAP Magazine. 

The show suffers from a poor hang/selection. 

This painting (Laundry Sorting, Morning, December, 2021) does a lot of neat things with the evergreen painterly play between real/synthetic elements/environments; a Tiffany lamp sun/moon, a grey 'gallery' floor beneath the white 'wall'; battlements at the top of the room, as if it's an ornamental castle in a fish-tank. 

 Another great Walker painting (not on show): Preening (2018).







It does similarly neat things with symmetry and doubling: heart and butterfly shapes, revolving/sliding doors and displays, real and pictured clasped hands (somewhere between hostage and ballerina positions) which recall the synergy between clasped hands and spatial/psychological enclosure in the work of Gwen John.